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Our workshops uniquely combine education with participants’ real life experiences as a powerful catalyst to own their value, confront obstacles with confidence, develop their authentic brand stories, and weigh their finances and career choices. 

With an overarching goal of knocking down barriers to career entry for women in marginalized groups, our program curriculum is rooted in feminist and social justice pedagogies.

In-person or online workshops are facilitated by sector experts in groups of similarly situated peers and conducted in a welcoming environment for maximum learning and sharing. We lead by example.

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Change Agents prepares underrepresented college women to be career-ready.

The Future of Work talent looks bright.

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              t Change Agents, we’re a social enterprise dedicated to closing the gap between college graduation and first career job for underrepresented women. Our team provides job search skills, career strategies and cultural agility training designed with marginalized women in mind. We’re in awe of these strong, determined individuals and it’s our goal to get them over the final finish line with employment commensurate with their education.

Change Agents’ Career Catalyst Program provides underrepresented college women with the knowledge to start their careers. We’ve designed a career readiness workshop series specifically designed to overcome their unique challenges and put them on the right path as they seek internships and post-graduation employment commensurate with their education. While low income women of color are our core focus, the Career Catalyst Program curriculum supports people from all marginalized groups. Inclusiveness and belonging are at the heart of what we do.

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Women earn more bachelor’s degrees than men, but are less likely to be hired into entry-level jobs. The majority of underrepresented college women are first to graduate in their families and lack parental guidance, financial support, and professional networks. Their lack of knowledge due to their socioeconomic status impedes their ability to effectively navigate the job market, resulting in unemployment or underemployment and undue financial burden.

Successfully connecting with employers

of all women college graduates enter the workforce in jobs for which they are overqualified.

First job means everything. Higher likelihood to stay there

as more underrepresented women are graduating each year


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gender pay gap starts with the First job

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Every day we’re amazed and inspired by the resilience and adaptability of underrepresented women who are laser-focused on graduating with a college degree. We also see their career confusion, feel their anxiety and hear them question their capabilities because they lack the guidance and resources to jumpstart their careers.     To provide this critical support, our team leveraged our first-hand knowledge on both the nonprofit and corporate and set out to create career readiness education based on the obstacles and challenges marginalized women face. As change agents, we channel our passion for gender equality and upward mobility for the underrepresented communities through the work we love doing.       Founded by a woman of color and run by a fun-loving and determined group of diverse women. 


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A group of extraordinary, diverse college-educated women with unique experiences who are catalysts for inspiring positive outcomes of inclusion and belonging.



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Diverse Women = Future Workforce

Different life experiences and soft skills are Future of Work attributes coveted by innovative companies.



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We've carefully crafted this one-of-kind educational solution for underrepresented women as a catalyst for success.

Diverse Education For Diverse Women



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Source: The Permanent Detour: Underemployment’s Long-Term Effects on the Careers of College Grads, Strada Institute, May 2018

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Are you an underrepresented women striving for or recently completed postsecondary education and looking for a community of peers to learn, share and inspire each other? Look no further! Our Diverse Talent Collective is just for you.

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